Delivery and Pickup

Referred to as D&P in this document

Time Windows

The D&P times are defined in terms of a window of time ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. For hourly rentals, the time window is 15 minutes, daily rentals the time window is 30 minutes, and for all other rentals it is 2 hours.

Waiting for Customers at D&P location

We try to accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. We understand that when you are travelling, visiting or recovering, it is hard to keep time. That said, we on our end typically have a number of deliveries and pickups scheduled during a day, and thus an extended wait time can potentially result in cascading delays for the rest of the customers waiting anxiously for their equipment.


Thus we request customers to keep us informed ahead of time of possible delayed arrival for delivery and pickup. We can typically accommodate requests to move the D&P window as long as it is called in ahead of time.


However, once our staff is at the location or en route, rescheduling delivery or pickup is difficult.  Our normal wait time is 15 minutes. There is an additional charge of  $25 for any additional time for a maximum of 45 minutes. If the delivery/pickup has to be rescheduled due to extended wait times, there will be an additional charge for the new delivery or pickup.

Change of Location

The D&P Location(s) should be specified at the time of the reservation. You are more than welcome to change the locations as long as you call us ahead of time (min. 2 hours) to let us know of the new location. However, depending on the traffic and weather condition, this may result in delayed pickup/delivery.


However, once the staff is at the location, a change of location will result in an automatic charge $25, plus additional charges will accrue depending on the distance of the new location.

Delivery To Your Doorstep

Safety and security for our customers and staff is of utmost important. The delivery of the equipment shall be to the  door step, the delivery person should not enter the premises, unless, it is explicitly called in to the office or in exceptional situations.

Delivery To Gated Apartments

The delivery shall be made to the entrance of the gated apartment. The customer is responsible to make sure they are available at the entrance to take the delivery.

Delivery To Venues

We strive to deliver the equipment at a safe location where it is safe to load and unload the equipment. This at time may be the curbside.

Delivery To Cruise Terminal

We deliver the equipment to the customer at the Cruise terminal/pier. We do not deliver or pickup from the staterooms. One the day, or day before the day of the delivery or pickup, we setup a time to meet the customer in front of the terminal. Our agent personally meets the customer to give or take possession of the equipment.