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What are the different types of knee Scooters ?
Knee Scooters, also referred to as knee walkers, kneeling scooters. Knee scooters can be both steerable or non-steerable, i.e. as the name suggests you can steer it around without having to pick it up. There are primarily three broad categories of knee scooters.First are pediatric knee scooters for children and small adults. The next is All-terrain knee scooters which are designed for non-paved surfaces. These are especially matched for people who spend a lot of time outdoors at construction sites and hikes, and etc. The remainder category is a catch all for all the adult scooters. There are some variations in this category for example the shape of the knee pad, type of padding on th pad, whether pad single or divided.
Should I rent or buy ?
The main deciding factor is the length of time you are going to need to use the knee scooter. Also, as important factor is the type of scooter. If you are going on a short visit for about 1-3 weeks, or need one at home for that period of time it might be better to rent. If you are looking for an All-terrain it is better to rent upto 4 weeks. The point to consider when purchasing the scooter is how and where will you dispose it once you are done using it. Last but not the least, when you purchase online, its important to think about the return process when it is defective.
How do I rent a knee scooter or knee walker ?
Its simple to rent a knee walker in greater Seattle area. Give us a call at 425-256-2882. Tell us where you need it and we will bring one out to you within the next couple of hours. Its That simple
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